So you have decided you want a website.  Great!  But what next?  Well, the first thing to determine is what your website name is going to be.

The first step should always be deciding what your domain name is going to be.  But sometimes the domain name you want isn’t always available.  So you need to have options.

Generally you want your domain name to be the name of your company.  But sometimes that name is taken.  So then what?

Well if you are in Canada for example, perhaps the .ca version of the domain name is available.

If not, consider .net or .org as well.

Still nothing? Consider using a keyword rich domain name, but be careful what you chose.  Sometimes the most well-meaning domain name has other connotations.

For example, one site is for a therapist based out of Sydney Australia.  So they purchased the domain name “”  however, by strategically placing a capital letter it can look much worse:  “”

Or how about the company that wanted to promote an eBook for black hat SEO.  They purchased the domain “”  But again, changing capitals it becomes “”

So be careful when you purchase your domain name or you could become the target of some very unhappy groups.